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Improving Corporate Forecasting

Robert De Neufville, USA

Robert has been a Superforecaster since 2014. He is affiliated with Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, an academic think tank that studies ways to mitigate the risk of a global catastrophe. He also worked as a management consultant for Booz-Allen & Hamilton (now known as Strategy&). He has a M.A. in political science from Berkeley and has taught at Berkeley and San Francisco State. He has written about politics and economics for The Economist, Big Think, and The Washington Monthly.


Ricardo Sanchez, USA

Ricky Sanchez has been a Superforecaster since 2013. He has a M.S in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a M.S. in Industrial Engineering form the University of Pittsburgh. In 2006, Ricky left industry to work in public policy where he focuses on data science, modeling, and optimization as tools to improve decision making. His interests are in technology, security and geopolitics.


Scott Eastman, Romania/USA

Scott founded and directed a corporation in the United States, before moving to Romania, where he worked as a political advisor, manager and communications director for EU transnational projects. He attained Superforecaster status during his first season (Season 3) of the Good Judgment Project and finished in the top 10 out of 122 Superforecaster participants in 5 out of 10 subject clusters in Season 4. He continues to forecast professionally for Good Judgment Inc., its commercial spin-off. He is currently a doctoral candidate, studying the role of linguistics in geopolitical forecasting.


Brett Specter, Spain

Brett Specter attained Superforecaster status during Season 2 on the Good Judgment Project team and retained that status throughout the four year tournament. He continues to forecast professionally for Good Judgment Inc., its commercial spin-off. He is President of Brier Fund LLP, an investment club whose members are comprised of Superforecasters.


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